Blessing Reminders

Blessings are sometimes overlooked. I’m totally guilty.

A friend of mine said to me today, “blessings come very easily for you. It’s not a bad thing, you’ve been such a blessing to other people and now you’re reaping that reward.”

What? What blessings? Do you know that I’m praying for this, and this, and that? And this one thing I’ve been praying for 15 years! This other thing I’ve been praying for almost two years! I have this on my list and this and that one thing. I’m waiting for ALL of these things or at least one to pan out for me. I just need to catch a break.

Wablessed-aviciih Wah Wah Wahhhh! WAH!

I didn’t say all that. Inside my head, though, I did. Until…

I realized how right she was and how grateful I am that she called me on it.

In the recent months, I’ve been showered with blessings. Help with car repairs, birthday gifts I don’t deserve, meals at nice restaurants that I wouldn’t normally go to, even a couple trips because of the generosity of those who love me. I’ve had friends purge their closets and I’ve acquired the rewards. People have been generous and kind to my man-child.

There really are so many things! The problem is that my focus keeps being drawn to the things I’m not receiving. The things I think I *really* want/need, but aren’t coming to fruition.

Help me, God, I’m a blind, thankless woman who can’t even appreciate (beyond the immediate appreciation) the blessings that have come to me because I’m so determined to keep my eye on the blaringly obvious things that I feel are still missing.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one who has done this… right? Back me up here…

So, take a few minutes… do an internal audit of the things happening around you, to you, and for you. Those, my friend, are blessings.

It’s too easy to slip into that place of “not enough” or “why not me?” Flip that focus switch, friends. Allow God to show you the work He’s doing for you, how He’s providing, and how He’s lining up His people on your behalf.

He is a good, kind, gracious, loving God. Amen!



Wrapping up November!

ImageI have plenty to be thankful for right now. Though, my slow posts may make it appear that I’m not thankful for much of anything lately!

As November closes the door and opens into December, I am blessed.

Work has been busy; I have a job! Thank You, Lord!

Thanksgiving was busy; I had people to cook for and food to eat! Thank You, Lord!

I’m planning a few events right now; I’m fulfilling a passion! Thank You, Lord!

There are so, so many good things.

I won’t lie, though. It hasn’t all been good. Some of it has been rough. Lonely. Different. Weird. Sad. Painful.

I’ve walked in some of my own brokenness this month, and I’ve also watched brokenness in other people come to a head this month. I’ve had friends face dire situations. I’ve missed people I love. I’ve broken down and lost my spirit.

But here’s the thing… as I stepped back, I was able to see SO clearly! I was able to see God’s hand at work in every.single.situation. I’ve been made whole, not only by my surrender to Christ, but by those whom Christ has given me to hold up my arms when I feel like I can’t do it on my own.

I watched God bring healing to my friends and cover them so fully in prayer! I had a front row seat to seeing true, selfless, godly love for other people!

I don’t know how… but my heart has been so empty this month, but also so full!

I’ve been waiting all day to write this post because I just couldn’t think how I wanted to wrap it up. I don’t think this is exactly what I had in mind – not in the “I wanna be an awesome blogger mind, anyway” – but it is what it is. This is where I am right now.

Full heart. Completely blessed. A little bit broken. A lotta redeemed!

Thankful for… prayer!

When Kim asked me if I wanted to guest post on Winsome Woman, I had to close the email! Honestly.

I needed to pray. I needed to think.

This was my thought process: if I write for Kim’s blog, other people, people who don’t know me, are going to read my words. They’re going to read my heart. They’re going to hate me. Judge me. Wonder why Kim picked me – of all the people she could have asked.

Satan was tearing me to shreds.

I was letting him. 

When I began to pray about it and get out of my own head – Christ reminded me to Whom I belong. I am His.

… please head over to Winsome Woman to read the post in it’s entirety!

Thankful for… all sorts of things!


I haven’t forgotten about my thankfulness this week! It may seem so with my lack of posts – I’ve just been busy. And, honestly, I’m trying to figure out when to write my posts…


I feel like I can’t write them in the morning because I haven’t gone through my day yet, but then when evening comes, I’m tired and don’t have the “umph” to write it then… and there we have it.


I’ve always been one of those people who knew every Facebook friend in real life. I didn’t become friends with friends and things like that… something happened this year and that changed. I suddenly find that I have at least 10 friends that I’ve never met in person. Mostly women whom I’ve met through book studies, retreat opportunities, etc…


On Monday, I got the chance to meet one of these sweet women in person, over coffee, at Starbucks. It was a wonderful time! I saw the light of Jesus shine SO bright through her and I look forward to more coffee dates!


On Tuesday, I was able to cook dinner for another friend – even though it took much longer than it should have – we had a great time! We finally got my African quilt on the wall. She’s been such a help to me ever since I moved and I couldn’t be more blessed by her!


On Wednesday, I got to have lunch with another friend who I haven’t been able to spend time with in months! We had a great time just talking about kids, men, life…


Thursday I had to work from home so I could be available for the gas company to come turn on my gas so that I could have heat – it was cold! I was so thankful and grateful to get some heat in the house that wasn’t coming from a heater plugged into the wall!


Yesterday, I was sick. I hate being sick, but… here’s why I’m thankful – I used to be sick more often. I’m thankful that God is healing me and that I’ve not been sick as often as I used to be. I’m thankful that my illness, while still elusive, is at least becoming less and less frequent. It also makes me stop, slow down, lean into Christ and for that, I’m most grateful!


Today, I’m thankful that I have nothing to do. I have to clean the house and that’s it. I should grocery shop too… maybe. Or I’ll do it tomorrow. =] I have coffee and I’m happy.


Thankful for…my kitchen, again!

I know, I know… really? I can’t think of anything different to be thankful for – wasn’t I just thankful for this a couple days ago!?

Here’s the thing, y’all… My kitchen brings so much good stuff into my world. I love through food. If I bring you something for your tummy, it means I love you – plain and simple.

Here’s what you may not know – my kitchen is also a sacred prayer place for mkitchen-lovee. When I’m cooking, I’m praying or worshiping. I’m hardly ever in my kitchen without music playing. Some people like to worship outside, in church, while hiking – those are ALL great places! And so is my kitchen!

I had the joy and pleasure of preparing a lunch for a group of friends from church. I was able to prepare it all yesterday evening, and then carry it on to church for the lunch to be held afterward. This is what I do! I love my friends. Could the church have catered the lunch with a business outside? Sure, but man… they allowed me to prepare the meal and I got to love on people without even being in the same room with them!

Will the things I make always be good or perfect? Nope, probably not. However, they are always covered in prayer! And the time, energy, and love that goes into that food is with my whole heart!

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m sharing as being boastful – it isn’t at all! It’s all about finding YOUR way to love people. This is my way.

Now, get out there and love on some people, y’all!

Thankful for… my kitchen and pizza night!

Can I be thankful for my kitchen and pizza night all in one post?


Had I written a post yesterday, I would’ve been thankful for pizza night. I had a crazy, crazy day and the thought of being on my feet cooking, just wasn’t appealing to me. And, oddly, I was also craving pizza! I don’t crave it often – I’m not a big fan of pizza, but every now and then, a girl needs some pizza! So, last night was pizza night. Our favorite here is Pizza Hut. It’s just too delicious!

Tonight, while I still had a day of running around for work, at least it wasn’t raining today. It was just cold. And windy. Therefore, I wanted warm and comfortable. I know that’s different for everyone and I changed my mind about 5 times before I decided what I wanted to make. I made a nice creamy risotto and in the last 5 minutes or so, I added some steamed broccoli and some grilled chicken breast. It was just what I needed!

Thankful for… dinnertime friends & Kindle

I didn’t get to post yesterday. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I had a houseful of beautiful happening! And once it was done happening, I was done too! =]~

So, today, I’m doing two for one!fierce_marriage_true_love_is_selfless

I had a small, wonderful family over for dinner last night. I was able to make Chicken Pot Pie (plus one extra for them to take home) and apple cobbler for dessert. We had a great, emotional, joyful, and heartbreaking time together. Young families are so sweet. My heart is so in love with their love story. I want nothing more than to see families WIN and SUCCEED at every turn. If that means spending my spare time loving on them – so be it. They are worth it! Find a young family to love on, will ya? They need us so desperately! 

My second thanks is for my Kindle. Two nights this week I’ve been up at 3 am. My normal wake-up time is 5 am, so the extra two hours being stolen from me kinda defeats the extra one hour we gained with the time change! haha… so, my Kindle has been a great comfort. It sits on my nightside table, so I can grab it without getting out of bed, turning on the light, or having to come out of the covers! I took a lot of the time to be in prayer while I was awake, but when I realized that I was up, like really up, I would grab the Kindle and read a few chapters in my most recent novel series.

There you have it – my two days of thanks! =]