I’ve been thinking about an intro here on Unfolding Lovely for some time. I’ve never done one because 1) this was only ever going to be a place for close friends and family and 2) I really suck at writing things about myself that might be interesting or useful. It feels a little too “dating profile” and just typing that made me throw up a little because—ew.

A million years ago, when I started blogging, Ree Drummond was still blogging. And she was my inspiration. I wanted to talk about food, faith, family, and whatever else made sense, while also being slightly funny. Well, we see who won that race.. 😂

At some point in 2012-13, I shifted away from a food-centered blog and moved toward more of a “I’m a creepily transparent person and I think I might be able to share some things that might be useful in your life but I don’t really know who my audience is and I don’t really know how to write all that well” sorta blog. At the same time, I became fully aware of my role as a momma to an addict, a terribly messy woman who very much wanted to speak hope into others in a tangible way, and as single as the day is long and sometimes really pissy about it while other times being totally okay with it (today, I’m not okay with it and I’m still feeling a bit of butt burn from a hard rejection).

And that’s how, when, and why Unfolding Lovely was born.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

Here are some things to note: I’m still working on my discipline muscle to be a consistent poster. I’ve put to rest and revived Unfolding Lovely more times than I care to count, it’s so many. I will probably still not be great at both of those things. I am trying, though.

I identify as a type 2 Enneagram and that means that you are way more important than me in my own mind. I feel like I have to earn love from others because it’s not freely given to me just because of who I am as a person. I will deflect deflect deflect and I feel all the things from all the people. I can also thank my ENFP personality for that–all the feels for all the people and things of people. This is just helpful information to know about the person who writes things here because sometimes it jacks me all up and other times I’m spectacularly healthy as a 2.

Several days ago, I told the few friends of mine who consistently follow me here that I was planning to write an intro, but that I needed some help. I asked if they had anything they could share about what my heart is for this space that might be useful in an introduction. And they showed up. Big time. And I’m keeping it for myself because it was really special to me and I’m not ready to share it. Y’all know who your are, and I love you.

Fun things about me—I love to cook, and menu plan, and grocery shop—for other people. I love Jesus. I’m a Nonny. I love mountains and water and the sky and all the beautiful things created for us. I’d be a bombass wife for someone, but I have determined that God has another plan for me. I used to love roller coasters, but now I don’t. I hate bugs that fly or jump. Also not a fan of frogs. Or other jumpy flying things. I love to road trip. I sing all the time and it may or may not be a real song. I let my dog sleep with me because who really cares. I’m working toward discovering things I like to do not as a momma, but just me as a plain ol’ lady. I use a lot of words. Probably too many. Shame and guilt suck. People matter to me. I love really big and incredibly hard.

Soooo, welcome to this space where unfolding lovely things, people, stories, dreams is encouraged. I’m really so glad you’re here. ❤️




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