We all need people…

God does not have any of us walking this journey alone. If we’re alone, it’s because we’re not being obedient.

Find your tribe. 

82b7e60e9b1ad83d0b2776295d311fb8If you know me personally or have spent much time with me online through social media, you know that I’m a professional retreater. I’ve written about it and my desire to get over it time and again. I’ve gotten very used to pulling into myself when I’m mad, sad, frustrated, disappointed, etc… I have little desire to talk about whatever’s bothering me until I’ve had time to get really real with God about it and to get over it myself. Then I’m happy to talk about it; mostly.

I talk about the importance of community all the time, to all the people. And yet… I heed not my own advice. It means visibly displaying weakness, disclosing my mistakes for others to see and judge, preparing myself to defend my actions or inactions. No thanks.. let me lick my wounds, make confessions to God, share with someone in my inner circle if I need another voice to help me. I know this goes against everything I say, advise, and talk about.. but… well, this is my continual hope to come clean and to be a better person.

Today at church, the message, in part, was about how we need community. It was really about Lazarus and raising him from the dead… but one point that I kept being drawn to over and over is that when Lazarus was called out of the tomb by Jesus he was bound tightly in burial linens, even his face was covered. Jesus instructed Mary and Martha to unbind him and to let him loose. Lazarus wasn’t able to unbind himself – he needed Mary and Martha to help him be free. He needed his community to unwrap him.

Friends, we can’t unwrap ourselves. We can’t get free all alone. We need to invite people into our spaces and places, giving them permission to help us unwrap ourselves. God will continually bring people to help us walk in freedom as long as we keep seeking Him. We have to trust and have faith that the way He answers our prayers and cries to Him is the best for us and for us to see His glory working out right before our eyes. Either we trust that He’s faithful or we don’t.

If you don’t feel like you have a community, I encourage you to find one.



God does not have any of us walking this journey alone. If we’re alone, it’s because we’re not being obedient.

Find your tribe.




3 thoughts on “We all need people…”

  1. I’m ready for a new tribe. I feel like I’ve lost mine since I got married. We have been rejected for service at our new church. I’m not sure why because I didn’t get to go to the meeting. I’m still searching for where God wants me to serve. I have a servants heart and messed up feet so there are limits. I guess this is just the season God has me in. I’m obediently waiting on His direction.

    1. New life cycles are so tricky. I remember how much I struggled when I moved to TX. Finding my groove was so much harder than I expected and I’m still working on it! I’ll be praying for both of you. It has to be so disappointing to have been turned away from serving at the church. I would be really curious to know their reasons for that decision. You’re still a newlywed, so maybe God just wants you to focus on serving as a wife – that’s a job all by itself! 😉 ❤

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