Restoring the temple…

When we ask God where change needs to happen, it’s amazing that He’ll not only show us where, but He’ll also give us practical steps to get there – if we’re listening for His voice. 

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been using a hashtag in a couple places where I post on a regular basis; #RestoringTheTemple.

A few months ago, I had a long overdue surgery on my foot, with a plan to have the same surgery on both feet done this year. The recovery plan was fairly simple and my life would resume at a fairly normal pace pretty quickly. Within the first month, we realized it just wasn’t going to be that easy for me. We began to see small complications, followed by bigger and bigger ones. Here I am, 4 months later, far from being done – BUT I am walking, moving pretty well (as long as I don’t want to go hiking!), and am moving in the right direction with the healing process.

I wanted to share that because from that space came my desire to really dig into temple restoration mode; not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally, as well. For me that’s meant a good bit of time spent with just me and God and a lot of journaling, praying, crying, reading, studying, worshiping, meditating, etc… It’s been a beautifully weird few months, for sure.

It reminded me that when we arrive at a place of total surrender how perfectly God moves in that space. He will basically say something like, “it’s about time… let’s get started.” and He’ll just ignore the fact that we’ve maybe been holding Him at arms length, while loving and praising Him still, we weren’t fully ready to just let Him run the show again. Maybe it came from a place of hurt, anger, frustration, mourning, etc… He will allow us that space – for a time. His pursuit for us, though, just continues; bigger, bolder, faster…


When I had my latest surrender moment – cuz if you’re like me, you probably have them more often that we’d care to share with the world – He really pressed into my heart that this temple needed some work in order to be used fully for what He was calling me to do. I knew that meant dealing with my foot, my heart, my spirit, and my body.

When we ask God where change needs to happen, it’s amazing that He’ll not only show us where, but He’ll also give us practical steps to get there – if we’re listening for His voice.

Keeping the #RestoringTheTemple mindset has been helpful in pushing me through changes in my diet, in my workouts, in my bible study/meditation, in my prayer life, in my relationships with other people, in my writing… in every area of my life, I can see this theme playing out.

So what do we do or how does #RestoringTheTemple mindset begin… ? It just does. For me, it was just a continual giving over to God full ownership of my thoughts, my body, my choices. It meant that every single thing turned into a Spirit conversation for me…

I encourage you to stay in prayer about the changes God wants to make in your life in order for the restoration to happen and continue happening. While we conquer some areas, others will bubble up to the surface. One of the most important things we can do is allow God to keep us in a space of constant state of renewal and growth.

I would love to be part of this journey with you and to walk it with you. I believe that as I share this out in various places, God is going to be sought after in big ways for some temple restoring gigs. That’s my prayer anyway…

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