Making way

I’m pretty sure, in my world, every traffic situation can somehow be turned back to a relationship analogy. I don’t know why… maybe I’ve spent too much time in traffic…  maybe because of my hard work over the years to develop good, solid relationship skills; with a goal to reach mastery level by the time I make it to heaven, has been such a priority. Who knows.. I’m just here to share these weird traffic/relationship analogies that hit me in the head when I’m driving down the road.

Anytime I’m in the car with someone who might potentially be someone I want to do life with, I will pay particularly close attention to the way he drives because I feel like it will tell me so much that I need to know about how he will approach most things in life. No pressure, though, potential suitors. 😉

This week as I was driving, wait… first. I love driving. I feel like I’m a really good driver and it’s not something that frustrates me or puts me on edge. I like to be behind the wheel. Traffic doesn’t phase me; it just is. Also it allows more time for the car concert that is most certainly happening.

Okay, this week as I was driving, wait… you guys, TX driving is unlike driving anywhere else I’ve been. The level of pure self-centeredness on the road is on full display #evenSunday. Talk about opportunities to pray over people.

Okay, really now… this week as I was driving, I was paying particular attention to when/how/why people allow or do not allow other drivers to merge or come into their lane.

When a person is merging onto the freeway or just simply needs to change lanes, I can’t understand why some people hold the line so tightly that no one is allowed to get in front of them. When we think about it, it’s just pure selfishness. The driver holding the line is valuing his time and need to be somewhere above any other driver on the road. Even if allowing a merging driver in is actually better for the overall traffic flow for all of us, that selfish driver is determined to hold his own space so tightly that no one can get ahead.

How often do we catch ourselves holding our own space/things/time so tightly that no one can get in? So that no one can get ahead of us?

The term that kept coming to my head way “Waymaker” and while I know that is often used in reference to God, I think there is some space for us, too, to be [little w] way makers for people. Am I a way maker? Can we all be way makers just creating space for one another?

Can this be how we approach something as simple as merging traffic? Faithful in little, faithful in much…

Digging a bit further, am I being a generous way maker or am I begrudgingly making way for this person? I’m brought back to 2 Corinthians 9:6-7: The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. God’s word is telling me that I will reap bountifully if I sow bountifully and if I do it with a cheerful heart, He loves that!

Even driving down the road we can do some sowing and reaping, friends. Think about that frazzled momma who is just having the worst morning and the simplest gesture of her not having to fight for her spot on the freeway because someone made way for her has the ability to change her whole morning. Or the guy on the way to the hospital to see his dad he’s not seen for 15 years and he just needs a calm spirit when he enters that room. Or even the completely arrogant business man who just didn’t prepare or manage his time will that morning and is running late, even him.

C’mon over, bro.. I’ll let you in here.

I’ll create space for you.

I’ll slow down so that we can both win.

I’ll be a way maker for you. I know you have things to do and places to be, and they might actually be more important than the places I need to be.

It’s safe here. I’m safe.

way maker


God didn’t give us a list of people we should or shouldn’t make way for while here in the world. We were created to be His example. THE Waymaker has created opportunities for us to be way makers for His people; and sometimes those opportunities are during rush hour traffic on the way to work. How precious to know that He trusts us to show His love in the smallest ways that, in the big scheme of things, takes so little time and effort on our part, but could potentially have a huge impact on another soul. 

The beauty is that when we learn how to make way in small ways, making way in bigger ways doesn’t seem like a big deal. It just becomes part of who we are and how we operate. My hope and prayer is that we all become way makers for Him and His people. All of them. Even those ones. And that one. And especially that one. Baby steps, y’all!








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