Unstoppable Love

You see, one of the things with being a believer, at least for me, is that there is never a place to run all alone.

Every now and then, I have something in my heart. In my mind. And I think I want it all to myself. It could be sin. It could be pain. It could be heartache. But it’s always something I don’t want to share.

Not with you. Not with Him.

I mean, if I don’t share it, I don’t have to deal with it. I can continue to shove it down and no one will ever know.  Right?


No. That isn’t right. Not even a little bit right.

Jesus is relentless for me. For you. He pursues the deepest places of our hearts because He so desperately wants us to acknowledge His love for us.

If it’s sin, He wants to help us work through it, let it go, and become better. When it’s pain or heartache, He wants to comfort us and bring us peace.

When we try to push Him away, we are causing a separation between ourselves and Him. Satan sees that as prime opportunity to gather footholds in our hearts and in our thoughts. I don’t want that! And I know you don’t want that either.

As much as we think we’re keeping it all together, hiding the nasty bits from Him and everyone else, or just holding on to something we want to have all to ourselves – we usually aren’t.

Calling out to Him is our only real hope. He takes those broken pieces we’ve shoved into the corners of our heart and mends them. He takes that sin we’re holding onto and reminds us who we are in Him, because of Him, and because we are His.

Let’s go through today cleaning out those spaces – you know, the ones we’ve been trying to keep all to ourselves. The ones that we think He doesn’t see. The pain that we want to hold onto so desperately. The heartache we don’t want anyone to know about. The sin we struggle with secretly.

His mercy. His mercy is beautiful. His grace is for me. For you.

He is unstoppable love.

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