What’s Kept Me Going This Week

Here is a list of things I’ve been reading, listening to, sitting in, resting upon, being filled with, and fiercely crying about over the last week.

Of course, most obviously, is the news I shared in my previous post. The news I’ve been sitting on for months, that has been making me physically sick trying to keep it secret, has finally been let out of the bag. I’m grateful. Aside from all the tears, my tummy hasn’t felt better in a long time. =]


From Donald Miller: “I’ll cling to Jesus and try my best.” Yes. Thank you. That’s all I got. I will cling and cling. And I’ll still make mistakes. I’m flesh. He’s God. I’m clingin, y’all!

This blog post, from Jamie The Very Worst Missionary, broke me the other day. And filled me right back up.

Bruxy Cavey, a pastor and author from Canada, gave me (well, okay, all of us!) this 15 minute message on the Gospel in  1, 3, and 30 words. It was beautiful. And I loved it. I love him. He speaks to me! Check it out!

My precious time getting my butt kicked at the gym, followed by a 1300 calorie salad, with one of my most cherished friends. A lunch date with another cherished friend, along with an upcoming movie date. Heart-to-hearts with my co-workers. I’m glad I have 4 months to say goodbye. I’m going to need it.

This song. On repeat. All week. “I’m standing with the faith of a miracle maker.”

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